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Amadeus Airport H-RMS


Assigning human resources effectively is very important, especially when dealing with high labor costs and valuable equipment. Our H-RMS and Mobile Equipment RMS supports you in planning and controlling your resources. By precisely calculating existing demands, you can easily allocate your equipment, personnel and other resources on a long-term basis and create and assign work schedules. You can plan for absences, define work pools and continuously supervise them.
With the controlling features included in the system, you can respond to sudden resource requirements or create simulated work conditions to plan for special circumstances. With powerful database technology H-RMS and Mobile Equipment RMS can access all relevant data stored in the AODB. By linking the flight schedule with contractual handling agreements, the system can calculate the exact demands for a single flight or for non-flight related events. For example, a 777 needs four check-in personnel at the gate, three baggage loading teams, a highloader, 2 busses and mobile stairs.
In addition, standard shifts are defined for the various tasks to be performed. In this way the required services to cover a particular time period within the flight schedule can be generated. These demands can then be grouped or individually selected and associated with current duty rosters. Simulated work environments can easily be created using “what-if” scenarios for later evaluation. This way, you can easily determine whether your existing resources will match the demands for the next season.
Key benefits
  • Access all relevant data stored in AODB with a powerful database technology
  • Calculate precisely the exact demands for a single flight or for non-flight related events
  • Offer simulated work environments using “what-if” scenarios for later evaluation
Main features
  • Personnel and equipment resource management
  • Graphic display of schedules and rosters
  • Color-coded status representation
  • Comprehensive conflict handling and decision support
  • Drag & drop, Point & click
  • Time in/out and break handling
  • Comprehensive interfacing with external systems
  • Scenario management (“what-if” situations)
  • SQL database connectivity
  • Tracing and logging functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Online information update