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Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Self-Service Check-in

Altéa Ground Handler Self-Service Check-in

Empower travellers, satisfy all your handled airlines

Altéa Ground Handler Self-Service Check-in contributes to reduce check-in costs and to improve services to airlines by enabling their travellers to check-in when and where they want, at any airport, for any airline. The solution is composed of three channels (kiosk, internet and mobile) fully integrated with Altéa Departure Control.
Key benefits
  • Optimise your operations by limiting the number of passengers using airport desks
  • Reduce costs by lowering the number of counters needed during the day
  • Improve your customer services
    • To all airlines (Altéa and non-Altéa): by offering a modern self-service kiosk solution at any airport of their choice
    • To passengers: by optimising your staff allocation to deal with complex requests and deliver customer centric services
  • Take advantage of perfect integration with Amadeus Altéa DC to ensure a consistency of service across channels
Main features
  • Multi-channel self-service via kiosk, internet and mobile
  • Fully integrated with Altéa DC, ensuring consistent check-in experience across channels
  • Supports all customer check-in requirements, including multiple forms of customer identification, seat assignment and multi-passenger check-in
  • Fully customisable (branding, screen layout, language, process flow)