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Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Customer Management

Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Customer Management

Transform your customer's experiences at the airport

Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Customer Management is a new generation departure control solution which is designed to enable ground handlers to provide efficient departure control services to a range of airline customers, from the flight arrival until the next flight departure.
This solution, accessed through a single application sign-in, can be used throughout the airport, with as many as possible automated functions. It streamlines your agent's activities and optimises every revenue opportunity right up to departure.
Key benefits
  • Increase productivity : increased efficiency of airport agents for check-in, collection of excess baggage charges, boarding, disrupted passenger management. Automate back-office tasks for multiple carriers without switching systems.
  • Increase revenue: ensure collection of excess baggage charges and make any seats released at the airport immediately available for re-sale.Facilitate the invoicing process with direct access to data.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
    • For airlines' passengers
      • Allow agents to quickly handle simple requests so that more time can be spent on complex and value added personalised service
      • Provide faster and more intuitive access to a greater range of customer service tools and airline content, improving the overall passenger experience
    • For airlines
      • Reinforce customer relationships with the airlines by providing better passenger services, reflecting directly on the airline's image
  • Reduce costs: reduced training costs for new and seasonal staff thanks to the platform's flexible usability. Lower operational costs by using fewer check-in counters to handle passenger flows
  • An efficient IT model with variable IT cost and benefit from shared infrastructure and community development, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Benefit from full integration with Altéa suite: Altéa Reservation, Altéa Inventory and Altéa Ground Handler DC Flight Management
Main features
  • Check-in: 
    • Check-in for multiple airlines handled within the same platform
    • Smart check-in workflows to optimise check-in tasks
  • Passenger and baggage management
    • Management of all handled airlines' passenger and updates of customer records within a single fully graphical application, using a unique sign-in
    • Automated and optimised seating based on passenger preferences (with graphical seat maps)
    • Real-time integration with inventory and reservation systems allows any seats released at the airport to be immediately available for resale
    • Effective service recovery actions
    • Consistent priority provided to high-value customers (seating, alternative flights proposal, upgrade, disruption management)
    • Easy collection of excess baggage charges
  • Disruption management
    • Automated or guided re-accommodation of disrupted passengers
    • Powerful decision-support tool
  • Boarding management
    • Customer tracking
    • Centralised control of flight departure
    • Integrated dynamic agent alert system