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Air Content

Amadeus Air Content

There are pivotal times & ways in which your customers directly experience good content…

Research has shown that customer loyalty is driven by the customer’s experience in times of travel disruption.  Strikes, freak weather conditions and political unrest can disrupt travel arrangements.  At those critical moments travellers need accurate information co-ordinated with the airline and support on arranging alternatives from their travel agent.

Amadeus offers the world’s most comprehensive choice of airlines as well as being easy, efficient and profitable to use, so that your customers can benefit from more choice and reliability when booking flights, a more personalised service and the best resolution of problems should they occur.

Therefore, travel agencies across the world are now realising how booking air content through Amadeus can deliver new and unique benefits in terms of customer service, operational efficiencies and profitability.

The starting point of course is the quality and range of Amadeus air content. More than 440 airlines distribute through Amadeus (including 70 low cost airlines).  Of those airlines, a total of 248 are available on the highest access level on the Amadeus system, which brings multiple advantages to your agency when it comes to delivering high quality customer service.

Also, Amadeus’ suite of air content tools makes the agent’s job easier and the end customer experience better.  But that’s not all.  As well as helping your agency to deliver outstanding customer service, Amadeus can help to make booking air travel more profitable through improving efficiencies and cutting the time wasted on unproductive work. 


Key benefits
So what are the key benefits for travel agencies?
It’s simple.  Booking air content through Amadeus is good for your customer and good for your business.  It is truly a ‘win-win’ scenario.
Your agency will benefit from improved operational efficiencies (less time on non-productive administrative work), increased revenues and profitability, and most crucially of all, - improved customer loyalty.  And of course, happy customers become customers that return time and time again.  
Main features
• Fully synchronised information with 140+ airlines thanks to Altéa, a shared platform that enables airline and travel agency to work on one, single PNR.

• Daily OAG feed delivering up-to-date flight information.

• 248 airlines on the highest level of access, more than double than our closest competitor, granting travel agencies access to real-time information and security about the content they can offer to their customers.

• Nego space secures allotments of inventory even when there is no availability through other channels.

• Full content secured with 121 airlines, 30% more than our closest competitor. This content parity delivers access to same content and fares as available across all other sales channels e.g. airline website/call centre.

• Instant confirmation to seat requests and no rejected sales.
• Automatic personalisation to customer contexts and Frequent Flyer status.

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