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Watch the Amadeus Travel Intelligence videos and learn more about the Amadeus Travel Intelligence offering and vision.

Amadeus Schedule Recovery: A winning solution for Qantas

Learn how Amadeus Schedule Recovery helped Qantas improve operations from Paul Fraser, Head of Integrated Operations at Qantas .

Highlights from the Amadeus Digital Leaders Forum 2016

See the highlights from Amadeus Digital Leaders Forum 2016. Harnessing the power of data analytics is essential for travel companies in order to succeed.

Identifying traveller behaviour for a truly personalised journey

Personalising the traveller journey begins with understanding traveller behaviour and predicting what they will need even before they begin the booking process.

Big data analytics, the future of travel intelligence

With the explosive growth of big data in the travel industry today, there are endless opportunities to use analytics and new technologies to personalise the travel experience.

Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis

Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis views the market by origin and destination (O&D) and by airline, providing a clear side-by-side benchmark of the corresponding performance of both your agency and your competitors.

Amadeus Agency Insight: Search Analysis Teaser Demo

Amadeus Agency Insight Search Analysis gives instant insight into consumers’ travel intentions by analysing their flight search behaviour.