Amadeus Agency Insight

Amadeus Agency Insight provides traditional travel agents, online travel agencies (OTAs) and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) with a suite of solutions, products and services tailored to support in-depth evaluation of their business performance and new business opportunities based on unique and actionable market insights. The current Amadeus Travel Intelligence portfolio for travel providers delivers information on travellers searches and bookings. This valuable information based on industry data and actionable analytics can help travel providers improve their business performance and tailor their offering by:

  • Assessing their market performance against that of like-for-like competitors
  • Negotiating better contracts with providers from the industry
  • Understanding the business and evaluating growth opportunities
  • Making better-informed decisions
  • Getting insights to valuable competitive information
  • Gaining insights on customer preferences and travel patterns

Our business intelligence portfolio can help agents control costs and increase revenue, provide a better customer experience and take better-informed decisions about their business strategy. Find more information about our travel intelligence portfolio for travel agencies:

Amadeus Booking Analysis

Amadeus Booking Analysis

Booking Analysis makes sense of the immense amount of data, giving travel providers a clear view of booking trends in the market, agency own performance and the competitors response.

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Amadeus Search Analysis

Amadeus Search Analytics

Search Analysis enables travel agencies to gain relevant insights into passengers' travel intentions by analysing their flight searches.

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