About Amadeus Travel Intelligence

The Amadeus Travel Intelligence new business unit was officially launched in April 2013, led by Pascal Clement.
Amadeus Travel Intelligence refers to next-generation Business Intelligence products, solutions & services, designed primarily for the travel industry. Customers can benefit from advances in big data technology and analytics in order to transform the increasing amount of raw data into actionable insights and stand up against competition.
Amadeus Travel Intelligence is built upon tree pillars:
  • Access to the latest big data technologies which provide speed and flexibility
  • A team of talented data scientists with deep travel sector expertise and
  • Cost-efficient handling of vast data volume from diverse and rich data sources.
Raw data can be gathered and analysed across the entire travel cycle (from inspiration, search, booking, in trip and post trip) putting the traveller at the centre of the eco-system, enabling greater merchandising opportunities. Amadeus TI helps travel companies anticipate trends, adapt their offers, better monitor their performance and provide a more personalised experience for the traveller.
With more than 25 years’ experience dealing with travel data and high performance technology in the travel industry, Amadeus is uniquely positioned to support its customers in the area of Business Intelligence. Amadeus operates one billion transactions every day, with all the data that goes with it. The next step for Amadeus is to extract value for our customers from this data.