Open Source License Compliance Advisor


Helping the Open Source community get easy access to the Open Source License Compendium

OSCAd: An overview 

Open Source Compliance Advisor (OSCAd), is a web application that makes Deutsche Telekom’s Open Source License Compendium (OSLiC) more accessible to the Open Source community. 
Deutsche Telekom developed the original version of OSCAd in 2013. OSCaD 2.0, in use since 2014 has been rewritten and sponsored by Amadeus Germany, and incorporates new ideas to fulfil requirements not addressed in the previous version. 

Why OSCAd?

The Open Source Compliance Advisor offers an interactive, more easy-to-access version of OSLiC, in the form of a web application that makes OS license compliance easier. 
When the Open Source License Compendium was presented at the European Legal and Licensing Workshop 2013 in Amsterdam as a PDF file, users expressed the need for a more interactive format, and this resulted in the web version of OSLiC, what we now refer to as OSCAd.  

Amadeus and OSCAd

Amadeus is an active sponsor of OSCAd in close partnership with Deutsche Telekom AG. The companies have agreed that Amadeus will drive the development behind OSCAd after engineers at Amadeus rewrote the original version and developed OSCAd 2.0, replacing the previous version.
Amadeus took on an active role in the OSCAd project when our developers decided to use OSCAd within the company, and realised after an in-depth evaluation that the application did not meet all the requirements. Our team developed OSCAd 2.0 in 2014. This new version has been rewritten to incorporate new ideas and functionalities into the original application.


How OSCAd works 

When a user wants to use an Open Source software and requires assistance, they can answer the six simple questions within OSCAd. These questions cover the source, usage, distribution, license and editing of the Open Source component. Based on these questions, OSCAd then provides the user with a checklist of actions that must be taken to comply with the license of the software in question.
OSCAd 2.0 is the latest version of the app, developed by Amadeus. It is implemented in the Python programming language, an easy and flexible language and a figurehead of Open Source Software. The application is implemented with extensibility and internationalization in mind, so that it can be used by as many people as possible. A JSON API is also provided for those who wish to integrate the application backend into their own tool.
License: GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) 3.0
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