NTP Proxy


Offering the Open Source community a reliable platform for leap second testing

NTP-Proxy: An Overview

NTP-Proxy is a leap second test tool. It consists of two programs which can be used to verify if an operating system or application is immune to leap second events. The first program allows local leap second simulation and works only on Linux. The second program, is the proxy part, and is operating system agnostic. 


Why leap second testing? 

Developers simulate leap second events in a testing environment to check if systems can manage leap second adjustments smoothly. 

Leap second events

Every now and then, leap seconds are added to synchronize Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) with astronomical time, which is irregular as the Earth’s rotation gradually slows down. These are called leap second events, and are an uncommon occurrence.

There is no regular schedule for leap second events and the announcement lead time is often less than six months. One side-effect is that the related code or software may not be tested as well as it should be, due to lack of tools, opportunities and sometimes even knowledge. Sometimes even the software vendor is caught by surprise that their piece of code does not seamlessly handle leap second events.  

Amadeus and NTP-Proxy

Amadeus was looking for a reliable tool, platform, framework or service to simulate leap seconds whenever and wherever required. Initial research revealed the lack of such a tool, and we decided to develop our own. This is how NTP-Proxy was born. 
The development team chose open technologies because we recognise the value the Open Source model offers in terms of collaboration, sharing, quality assurance and innovation. 
NTP-Proxy uses existing frameworks, i.e. GITHUB setups and legal agreements, which allowed us to move much faster than the early adopters.
License: Gnu Public License, Version 3
Contact:  opensource@amadeus.com