Open source Software

Open source software is literally everywhere in Amadeus; Linux, GNU software, OpenSSL, Angular form the basis of a vast number of our products. 
Open source is in our hardware, firmware, operating system, application development, support libraries, continuous integration and QA tooling, functional testing, operations, and database… the list is endless. Amadeus Cloud Services would have been impossible without foundations such as Linux containers, Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat's OpenShift. 

We are increasingly practising Inner Source in our development operations, and have seen a huge increase in agility and innovation as a result!

Frederic Ros, Head of Quality and Lifecycle Management, Amadeus IT Group
Amadeus is pioneering the Inner Source philosophy in the travel industry.  Inner Source applies the best practices of open source within a company. It opens source code to developers within the company, allowing a larger community to collaborate, test and improve the code without the risk of opening source code to the wider world. 


Amadeus Revenue Accounting's Metadata search is built with MongoDB, the hugely popular NoSQL document store. 
An intensely collaborative effort between MongoDB and our development teams this official pilot with MongoDB has built the foundations for other Amadeus projects to use MongoDB.
Using MongoDB empowers our team - When issues arise, they can investigate it on their own or reach out to the wider community to fix issues of learn more – vastly improving efficiency of the development process. 


Amadeus is fully embracing the cloud to enhance responsiveness, scalability, agility, efficiency and availability of our services for all customers.  
Amadeus Cloud Services, our private cloud-based applications platform has been developed in collaboration with Red Hat on OpenShift Enterprise. 
With this, all our customer groups - airlines, airports, hotels, rail, travel agencies, and travel management companies, will have easy and quick access to content and travel tools from a single source on the cloud.