Convert & Merchandise


Shaping our search engine to fully serve your core business and optimise conversion

As a travel retailer in an ever more competitive environment, you want higher ROI and bottom-line conversions but have to cope with changing traveller behaviour and expectations.
It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd when fare search tends to rely on a one-size-fits-all model. Travellers are driving demand and expect curated content; research* shows that 37% require more personalisation in fare search results.
From low fare search to Value Search
We’ve been committed for many years to flight search and innovation. We continue to invest in these areas but we’re not stopping there.
In today’s world, choosing a flight is no longer just a matter of price. Online shoppers perceive the value of flight recommendations based on their shopping purpose – business or leisure trip, travelling in a group or with family and which market they come from.
You can improve the relevance of recommendations to your travellers. Value Search can really help by offering a good trade-off between price and flight convenience, appearing on the first results page.
By shaping your offers to match your online shoppers’ needs, you can differentiate from the competition. 
Riding the merchandising wave
Seize merchandising opportunities straight from search times to offer clear and complete options to your customers while generating additional revenue and increasing profitability.
You can help your online shoppers to easily compare fares and options : by providing enriched search results and show extra services included in the fare such as free bag allowance, chargeable ancillary services, airline fare family description and upsell, fare conditions (Mini Rules) and on-board services.
Relevance and personalisation are becoming increasingly critical in keeping ahead of the game (and more traditional digital retailers have been using it for years already).
If conversion is keeping you awake at night, adding value will definitely help boost conversion.
Our solutions allow you to:
_ provide the best access to the widest range of cheapest, bookable content
_ optimise fare findability across all fare types
_ deliver a diverse range of options to secure conversion by route
_ boost conversion by dynamically profiling shoppers and delivering relevant search results by query
_ offer more diversity of content with low cost carriers as well as enriched content