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We are collecting views from the world’s travellers.

What would they like the future of travel to hold? Here we share what their travel experiences are.

Shaping the future of travel for corporate citizens

Corporate citizens account for approximately 20% of all travellers today and their needs are changing. It’s not just about getting the best hotel at the best price anymore but managing their trip better to include time for leisure experiences. They may even bring along the family when possible. In Amadeus we are continuously monitoring and studying the changing habits of this traveller segment in order to provide them with a truly seamless travel experience.

Shaping the future of travel for Next generation travellers

A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group entitled ‘Traveling with Millennials’, looking into travel trends amongst this segment indicates that NextGen travellers will account for 50% of all business travel by 2020. The travel experience begins for this segment the moment an idea for a destination comes in to their mind be it for business, leisure or a combination of the two. In the following video look at how we must adapt to their changing travel needs to ensure a truly unique travel experience.

Shaping the future of travel for active seniors

By the year 2020, senior travelers will represent around 775 million travelers. Active seniors are a growing traveller segment and with more time and a desire to travel they are a segment to look out for. We look at how we must adapt to their changing needs in order to provide a travel experience which caters to all of their necessities.

The future rail travel experience – seamless access to more sales channels

To improve the rail travel experience, railways need to collaborate more and make their products and services more available to the sales channels that travellers are using. They also need to make train journeys a more seamless travel experience especially when they cross international borders.

That’s what we learned when we did our research into a cross border rail journey we wanted to make.

We decided to travel by train from Antibes in the south of France to Vienna in Austria where Amadeus was holding its annual rail forum. Our aim was to look at how the trip planning and railway booking process worked as well as taking the journey itself.

Have a look at our video, which shows our trip planning process as well as the travel experience itself as we journeyed through France and Italy to Austria.

20 days, 40,000 miles and 15 flights later...

During a 20-day journey with no particular destination, our colleague Joachim Raffin, product manager for Amadeus spent 4 days on a plane, travelled over 40,000 miles, took 15 flights, landed in 15 airports and visited 8 countries. While travelling, he asked travellers around the world what their travel experience were like.

To find out what were travelers best and worst travel experiences, Joachim interviewed people from different backgrounds (British, American, French, Nigerian, Indian…) and from different age groups (24-60 years old).

This is what he found.

Entry 4: How seriously do you think the travel industry has taken its environmental responsibilities?

_ "It has started, moving to more economical planes, but this is not impacting my choice."
_ "Communication around CO2 impact of aviation is confusing. The travel industry is probably not taking its responsibility seriously."
_ "On some short haul (Brussel-Lyon), the plane is cheaper than the train. Not the best for the environment but travellers aren't ready to pay more to travel green."
_ "Airlines should better recycle waste on the aircraft."
_ "Amenity kits on long haul flights should be on demand to avoid waste."
_ "There is the possibility to not wash towels every day in hotel, but that's all about it no?."
_ "At hotels, you can opt to have your towels changed daily or not, but that's about it."
_ "It does, mainly with show off projects (bio fuel to power aircraft), but local economical pressure is very often more important than ecological constraints."

Travellers are increasingly aware of the need to incorporate sustainable actions to make a positive impact on the environment. Amadeus is committed to building long-term business stability with our customers and partners by creating strong economic, social and environmental sustainability programmes and solutions.

How do you think the travel industry is taking its environmental responsibilities? Share your experience on Twitter to #shapethefutureoftravel.


Entry 3: How do you define a first class travel experience?

_ "When everything is one time."
_ "Chauffeur driven car to/from the plane, with all the services associated (fast track passport control)."
_ "Pick up from home, get a dedicated Check in Counter/passport control and arrival in business lounge directly."
_ "Internet on board and a nice video-on-demand."
_ "Have valet parking at the airport, and someone taking care of the baggage (check in/collection)."
_ "Being able to travel off peak season to places that are not crowded."

A first class travel experience varies from traveller to traveller. Amadeus is committed to understanding more about how to provide those unique services to suit each traveller personally, which will, in turn, help the travel industry create more personalised travel experiences for them.

What's a first-class travel experience for you? Share your experience on Twitter to #shapethefutureoftravel.


Entry 2: What has been your worst travel experience?

_ "When a ticket is booked through a travel agent, it's sometimes hard to have anything changed at the airport, and reaching the agency/a call centre is not easy from the airport. I've experienced this."
_ "Cancelling a flight without reason."
_ "Not providing consistent information (Airline agents saying "your delayed aircraft will be landing in 30 minutes" while looking on the internet, you could see that the plane was on time."
_ "Inconsistency of data provided by airline agents and what is on airline website."
_ "The security controls took a long time, they weren't like this 17 years ago."
_ "So many issues due to connections missed, for business trips (missing half a day or a day on a 1 or two days business trip is really disturbing)."
_ Regarding boarding pass QR codes: "My phones operating system crashed in the boarding queue, so I couldn't get my boarding pass. I had to queue for a while to get another one printed, boarding among the last in the plane."
_ "In [Istanbul] airport, 1h05 to pass through Passport control, while the average travel time is reduced by the increased number of direct(short haul)/1 stop connection (long haul) travel solution. It is in parallel increased by the process before/after flight with the airport access by road, long custom queues, etc."
_ "Checked-in baggage weight is sometimes inconsistent. Sometimes you have to pay an extra, sometimes not, depending on the agent you get."

Travellers expect their journeys to be one single smooth experience. Amadeus is working together with travel industry players to inspire and serve travellers providing travel services pre, during or post trip, and connecting different modes of transport to create an easy door-to-door experience for them.

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Entry 1: What has been your best travel experience?

_ "When everything is on time."
_ "Flying back from US to Europe, bags were out by the time I reached the belt."
_ "Airline staff rebooked and confirmed a seat on the next plane, in case the scheduled (and already delayed) flight got cancelled."
_ "Upgrade to first class and hilarious flight attendants on the plane."
_ "Appreciated that there were Chinese speaking agents in an Italian hotel."
_ "Champagne on the plane."

Travellers want special experiences that cater to their wants and needs. Those experiences have to be personal and unique.

We at Amadeus work with our customers to make travel more personalised. We offer them solutions that help travellers adapt their journey to their specific needs.

What's been your best travel experience? Share your experience on Twitter to #shapethefutureoftravel.