A sustainable travel future

A sustainable travel future

Creating more sustainable travel

Travel companies are realising that true long-term business sustainability requires not only considering commercial needs, but also making a positive impact on society and the environment - both locally and globally. We'll all need to be actively involved in understanding and nurturing these areas in order to meet the requirements of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. What's more, travellers will be expecting the companies they travel with to be doing just that.

Here we've created a platform to share both our stories and yours. We'll be exploring how travel businesses are taking a more active role in ensuring their long-term sustainability.


easyJet means business: breaking into corporate travel with Amadeus

Low cost and hybrid airlines have had a major impact on the evolution of the travel industry. easyJet was one of the pioneers of the direct booking and ancillary revenue models that are now so popular for leisure travel, resulting in easier and more affordable air travel.

But leisure travel is only one part of the travel industry. In order to guarantee future business sustainability, easyJet wanted to tap into the lucrative business travel market.

The majority of business bookings are made through the indirect channel, so easyJet knew it needed to adapt its distribution strategy to evolve and become a relevant force in corporate travel – and thus help guarantee its future.

Check out the infographic and case study to find out how this low-cost carrier is capturing higher-yield European business travellers.

Also, have a look at this video, featuring our travel agency partners Executive Travel, Uniglobe Travel, and Munckhof, to hear first-hand about the impact of easyJet-Amadeus partnership and how it creates new opportunities for Business Travel.

easyJet’s Success in European Business Travel

UNICEF, Finnair and Amadeus partner to enable traveller donations

In late 2013, Amadeus announced the launch of a donation engine in partnership with UNICEF soliciting micro-donations from travellers during the flight booking process. We heard from UNICEF who explained the far ranging benefits of this initiative. Travellers booking with Finnair now have the opportunity to donate to support the education of children in Asia via UNICEF’s “Schools for Asia” fund, supporting the most vulnerable children in 11 countries in Asia.

Amadeus Environmental Management System: a sustainable business starts from within…

Amadeus plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions alongside its customers and partners in the travel industry. What we project externally is just a fraction of what we do internally to remain as a key player helping to create a sustainable business future. Read more about Amadeus’s Environmental Management System via the following sustainability infographic.

Travel infographic - Amadeus Environmental Management System: a sustainable business starts from within…

Our social commitment for a sustainable travel future

Amadeus - Our social commitment for a sustainable travel future

Amadeus is at the heart of the travel industry. We connect travel providers, travel sellers and travellers to a vast amount of travel information, and forge partnerships that make a real difference in driving social development. We are laying a robust foundation for tomorrow’s world.

Our social responsibility strategy is built around our core business, our people and our global culture to make a sustainable travel future a reality. Read more in the Amadeus Global Report.

What role will organisations play in a sustainable travel future?

Amadeus, in collaboration with our customers and other travel industry players, will be essential in many sustainability projects that will make a difference in the future – from the rapid evolution of technology to how multimodality will change how we travel – our innovation can make it happen.

Amadeus is building a sustainable business future for hotels

The hotel industry is continually evolving. It’s a place that doesn’t stand still for very long. Today, Amadeus is helping hotel groups embrace this continuous change and build long-term, sustainable hotel brands and businesses.

Amadeus technology helps reduce CO2 emissions and increase productivity

Amadeus helps its customers and the industry reduce carbon emissions. We believe there is a need to have an industry standard to calculate carbon emissions for aircraft emissions. We’re doing our part in creating a sustainable travel future through our technology. Amadeus Altéa, for example, provides both environmental and business benefits for airlines by helping them use less fuel, produce less CO2 emissions, increase productivity, and reduce flight management disruptions as a whole.

Initiatives for sustainable tourism

The travel industry plays a key role in developing a low carbon economy to create sustainable tourism. Amadeus contributes with its own initiatives to improve the environment and society. Internal sustainability programmes include how we optimise our energy consumption. Externally we develop sustainable technologies that help our customers realise their own eco-friendly goals. Additionally, we’ve partnered with industry stakeholders such as WTTC, IATA and ICAO to develop a sustainable travel future in their areas of influence.

Amadeus Corporate Social Responsibility projects around the world

Amadeus believes that long-term sustainability isn't only about meeting our commercial needs, but also making a positive impact on society.  We are actively involved in social responsibility projects in three core areas: Knowledge & skill transfer, Technology for good and Community support
Check out our CSR map to see all our projects around the world. 

You’ll see how exciting projects we’re working on, including:

  • Collaborating with the Women's Technology Empowerment Centre in Nigeria,
  • The Environmental Management System in Bangalore,
  • Community support for Huixin Children’s Nursery Home in Shanghai,
  • IT knowledge sharing and computer donation programme for schools in the Philip-pines, and
  • A region wide internal campaign to save the environment in Latin America.

Finnair, Air Dispatch and Amadeus shape a sustainable travel future

Amadeus provides the technology that helps airlines manage their costs more efficiently to create a more sustainable travel future.

Amadeus - Infographic: Finnair, Air Dispatch and Amadeus shape a sustainable travel future

View the travel infographic to see how Finnair, one of the most innovative and safest airlines in the world, Air Dispatch, a service-driven aviation support company that provides centralised aircraft load control services to Finnair, and Amadeus are working together to create greater business sustainability and control their impact on the environment.

Amadeus and UNICEF

Amadeus and UNICEF’s global initiative will shape a better future for the world's most vulnerable and excluded children. Our technology will make it possible for travellers to make a donation to UNICEF every time they go online to book a plane ticket, a hotel, or any kind of travel. View the video below to find out more.

In an interview with Tim Hunter from UNICEF, we explore the far ranging benefits of such an initiative and reflect upon the roles of all the partners involved.