A personalised travel future

A personalised travel future

Let's shape the future of travel

Tomorrow’s travellers will want to travel the world in just one way – their own way.

They'll want to put together their own unique travel experiences, tap into inspiration from other travellers and then share their own personal plans with friends. That’s how they see the future of travel.

Here we've created a platform to share both our stories and yours. What will travellers expect from a personalised approach in the future? How can we tread that fine line between becoming over-personal and delivering a personalised experience?


Identifying traveller behaviour for a truly personalised journey

Personalising the traveller journey begins with understanding traveller behaviour and predicting what they will need even before they begin the booking process. Meet Gilbert. His behaviour is utilised to design the ideal journey for him and his family, from hotels to car-hire to on-trip activities. A personalised journey affords him and his family a stress-free travel experience that’s perfectly suited to their preferences, and shows the potential of using past traveller behaviour to offer truly unique travel products and services.

Personalising the corporate travel experience

Corporate travel is usually all about complying with company policies. Even with that in mind, however, a corporate traveller can still have a fully personalised experience that allows for a more comfortable journey, while at the same time more efficient trip. Follow Anna and see how personalisation helps her save time in the event of flight disruption, find a nice place for dinner in a city she does not know, and even get a ride to the airport after she forgot about it.

Travel infographic - Amadeus Personalised Journey

Discover how traveller reviews create a truly personalised travel experience to shape the future of travel

Travellers are becoming increasingly savvy and customer reviews are just one way for them to express their views on a trip and to analyse the pros and cons of any destination they wish to travel to. By analysing what travellers are saying, travel players can use this user generated content to tailor and personalise their services to allow for a more satisfactory travel experience.

Ebookers is partnering with Amadeus and Traveltainment to attain qualified reviews from a wide variety of travellers in differing segments in order to provide a truly connected experience for travellers.

Wearable technology and the opportunities for the travel industry

Wearable technology is predicted to become the biggest thing since the release of the smart phone. With this in mind, imagine the personalisation opportunities that wearable technology holds for the travel industry. A whole host of technology is available and under development to create a truly personalised experience for travellers from smart clothes to wearable technologies.

In our new travel infographic focusing on wearable technology we look at the opportunities that this technology has for the travel industry.

Travel infographic - Wearable technology and the opportunities for the travel industry

Big data analytics, the future of travel intelligence...

With the explosive growth of big data in the travel industry today, we look at the opportunities big data analytics and new technologies hold to understand the traveller better and to personalise their travel experience. Big data offers key differentiation opportunities via in-depth analysis of traveller, market and industry data to ensure a truly unique journey. We also look into how real-time data analysis can help travellers across the entire travel cycle and improve operational effectiveness.

We enable our customers to reach their customers with personalised offers

At Amadeus we help our customers to provide their customers with personalised travel offers based around their travel needs. Earlier this year we commissioned a landmark report by Oxford Economics entitled Shaping the Future of Travel: Macro trends driving industry growth over the next decade. We caught up with our Senior VP of Distribution, Holger Taubmann, to discuss how this is a golden decade for the travel industry with great business opportunities for travel players to provide more personalised services for a truly bespoke and smooth travel experience for travellers.

Amadeus customers talk about personalised travel trends

Personalised travel is a growing need amongst travellers in APAC, they are actively seeking out unique and tailored travel experiences. We spoke to our customers to understand the impact of this type of travel on their business and how they envisioned a more personalised future for travellers.

Travel Intelligence: the ultimate intelligent travel

Travel intelligence and the opportunities of big data are endless particularly in the realm of competitive differentiation and personalisation. In the following big data infographic we look into user trends and how this near real-time data can help us to deliver new insights and contribute to a more personalised travel future for players in the travel industry and beyond.

Travel infographic - Travel Intelligence: the ultimate intelligent travel

eTRAVELi uses Amadeus to make travel more personalised

The travel industry is in constant need to adapt to the increasing demand for personalisation. The way offers are presented, the need for instant replies at any time of the day, and new ways to search and book are affecting travel patterns. Travel companies must evolve to give travellers faster and more accurate answers so they can create their own unique travel experiences. eTRAVELi, in collaboration with Amadeus since 2000, has easily adapted to the changing needs with accurate, instant and relevant information to service their customers better.

Future of search technology

When searching online, we expect to get results specifically around what we want. Search is about personalisation, content, and how fast we get responses. Searching online for travel is no different.

Amadeus provides travel web sites search technology so that they can offer the information that travellers are looking for. See how Amadeus is helping online travel web sites and metasearch companies in North America inspire and create demand on their sites. Together we are creating the future of search technology today.


Amadeus has launched a new consumer-facing portal, amadeus.net, with the objective of learning about travellers' behaviour and requirements.

See how travellers can:

  • Find new ways to search for travel from one of the world's largest databases.
  • Keep their plans and ideas as their experience takes shape.
  • Share their plans with friends and inspire other travellers.

The information and data that we capture from amadeus.net will help the whole of the travel industry to create more personalised worlds of travel.

Take a closer look at the potential of amadeus.net