Travel trends and the future of travel in Asia Pacific

Seamless travel demands are growing amongst the growing traveller segment of Asian travellers. How do we envision a more connected travel future for them?

Increased connectivity is a growing demand amongst the phenomenally fast growing Asia Pacific traveller segment. We speak to our customers about how they envision that this connectivity will manifest itself as traveller trends for this traveller market. We also look into existing solutions and travel apps that are helping to connect travellers in APAC today.
From Asia Pacific to Europe, travel apps are increasingly used to enhance the seamless travel experience of passengers. The VisitEurope travel app created by Amadeus working with the European Union and other travel players affords travellers a more connected travel experience.

What does a connected travel future look like?

Karun Budhraja. Vice President, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific
Connected travel? I think that’s intrinsic human behaviour. From time immemorial humans have wanted to be connected at every given time.  Now they can, with technology like mobile or social.
Tony Carter. Managing Director, Amadeus IT Pacific
We have a new solution that we’re launching, called Extreme Search and its being used by a number of customers and there’s an iPad app using it at the moment and it’s just fantastic. Just using normal iPad is ‘Do you mind if we use where you are?’ You click ‘Yes’ and all of a sudden this app knows where you are and it starts sharing with you, flight options and prices and holiday ideas on how to travel around the world.
Louis Lee. General Manager, Amadeus Hong Kong
Mobile phones will become the most important device or connection between service and people.  People would like to be recognised not as just individuals but as a group of individuals.
Michael Chase-Smith. Chief Executive Officer, World Travel Professionals
If we don’t invest in mobile and we don’t have appropriate apps, whether they’re our own apps or third party apps like the Amadeus product we have here, then we’re not going to stay as connected to our clients.
Demi Kavaratzis. Head of Transport for Australia and New Zealand Expedia
It has been such a journey for Expedia, now we’ve launched out hotel app, we’ve just launched our flight app. You can book a flight within seconds, so that point to point travel has become so much easier.
Angel Gallego. President, Amadeus Asia Pacific
We are a technology company, in the end what we’re trying to do is take steps in that direction. We are very active on mobile technology, very active on travel intelligence, information and technology with it. Then we’re investing in other steps along the travel chain, like for example airport IT, so now we are part of the travel agency chain, airlines, the hotels, the airports. So we are taking steps being present with our technology in every of the steps that the travellers take along the way.