Multimodal transport to shape a more connected future

A connected travel future across Europe requires more than just one individual player, working with key players in the travel industry and beyond this is becoming a reality.

Multimodal transport is an essential element when creating a more connected travel future and it requires travel players from the public and the private sectors to join forces. Today, Amadeus is working with the European Union and other travel players to make travel across Europe using various means of transport easy. We're leading a consortium that is creating the vision of multimodal transport for a more connected travel future.

A connected travel future goes beyond an individual city, read more about how we connect airports and airlines to provide travellers with a seamless travel experience.
Why is improving multimodal travel important?

Today most trips in Europe are actually using different modes of transport but these modes of transport are, in very few instances, really connected and that means that the traveller in Europe cannot see, perhaps, the most efficient travel options that may combine different modes of transport using public transport connecting to a railway and then connecting to an airplane. And what we’re trying to achieve is that these options are available that they can be seen that they can be booked, so that the traveller can choose the most efficient option, both in terms of travel time but also, and perhaps most importantly, in terms of the environmental improvement that this would mean.

Who does Amadeus work with multimodal travel?
We work very closely with all stakeholders in this, on this, issue. With the European Commission, we help them and we are requested by them to assist in finding good solutions. We also work very closely with the rail sector who has a very, very important role to play in this area and hopefully together we can find good solutions for Europe. We also lead a consortium that has just developed the study the on multimodal information and ticketing systems and the conclusions that we have drawn from that, I think, will shape how Europe looks at this challenge in the years to come.
What are the challenges to improve multimodal travel?

We’re a technology provider there’s a number of challenges that are the technological nature. But essentially, we found that there are no showstoppers as seen from our point of view. But of course you look at all the other stakeholders in this industry that need to be part in making this a reality, they face some serious challenges that need to be overcome. The rail sector is facing increase deregulation that’s a big change for them. The European Commission is faced with defining the role and the degree of intervention, how to support with the one hand and how to guide firmly with the other. I think we have a good dialogue with the stakeholders in Europe, I think we are increasingly seeing a common agenda and we tried to facilitate the dialogue and the commonality of views. 

What opportunities will multimodal travel bring?

I think the biggest change we will see is the change or the shift from the use of private cars to public transport. If we can make available public transport, more environmentally friendly options we believe firmly that we can move a significant part of what today is on private cars to more environmentally friendly alternatives and of course if we can make that happen that’ll increase the volume of passengers on some of these transport modes perhaps even increasing revenue so that we can see an increased investment in to physical infrastructure, connectivity between transport modes connecting the railway station with the airport and so on and so forth. Which, then again, fuels new alternatives perhaps even new entrants markets are deregulated and more travel options will become available. So this becomes a  virtuous circle that will be very, very good for Europe, for the for the European traveller but not least for the European Environment so for this development process to be sustainable I think we need to start connecting modes of transport where it matters the most. So even though we would like to see, you know, bicycle renting or whatever the options are, become available quickly I think that we need to ensure that we start with a process that gets the bigger volumes connected and then we work from that with the ambition to have this integration come over time.

How is Amadeus creating a multimodal travel experience?

We will be the enabler of multi and intra-modal travel solutions across the globe. We will be the leading IT provider that supplies, you know, the different transport sectors with their technology needs to be a part of this vision and as such we hope to play our part in making Europe in this instance a much better place to be for the European citizen.