Amadeus & Sixt Rent a car

Connected travel allows travellers to transition seamlessly from their flight to car rental services quickly and easily.

Creating and maintaining good customer relationships is fundamental for success in the car rental business. Amadeus has been working with Sixt rent a car to create a more connected travel experience for travellers.  A seamless travel experience from when a traveller steps off the plane until they arrive at the door of their destination is further supported by a great customer experience.
From car rental to private chauffeur services, Amadeus & Cabify are working together to create a truly connected experience for travellers from the moment they arrives at their destination.
Your biggest challenge

Maria Victoria Martin:
My biggest challenge is that my customers are satisfied with our customer service and that they end up driving the car they like to.
Diane Schnorr:
When a lot of customers come to the counter at the same time, this happens when flights are cancelled or delayed, and therefore, we aren’t totally prepared for it. Our team, or my team, must nevertheless try to offer fast but good and above all friendly service and keep the customers happy, though there’ll be some waiting time.
How can your life be made easier?
Maria Victoria Martin:
It would be easier if I knew my customer needs before arrival so that we know what they would like to drive, what they would like to get at the end.
How will technology change travel?
Maria Victoria Martin:
It will make everything easier, quicker; it will make their lives easier. 
Why did you choose Sixt?
Martin Lohmann
I’ve been choosing Sixt ever since, I like how they treat their customers. Yeah I like cars, they have the latest models and I’ve made a good experience with Sixt.
How did you book your car?
Martin Lohmann
This time when I booked my flight I booked it on the airline web site, right away.
What is important for you when booking a car?
Martin Lohmann
The most important thing to me is to have easy handling to not have any trouble to get a nice, clean car and to give it back easily. That’s all.
What is important to your customers?
Diane Schnorr:
I think it’s very important to serve each customer individually, to find out whether you’re dealing with a business customer or a leisure customer. Of course, a business customer has different needs, he wants to be served quickly and effectively, he may want you to know his preferences, which vehicle he rented last time so that everything is arranged in a quick and simple way. A leisure customer wants some advice of course, he wants to be offered different models, he may have never rented a car before and needs much more information and time than a business customer. That’s precisely the challenge, finding out what each customer needs and acting accordingly.
How often do you travel and rent a car?
Ralf Thomas
I’d say I travel every two weeks, I rent a car every time.
What is important for you when renting?
Ralf Thomas
For me, it’s important that it is an easy and straightforward process so that I can get my car relatively quickly.
What will travel look like in the future?

Ralf Thomas
It’ll become more important to be able to making bookings whilst one the move, with a smart phone or any other mobile device also to do it last minute and get your reservation quickly.
Steve Spencer
I’m here with Carsten Anhalt, Senior VP of Relationship Marketing & Leisure sales. Carsten, I’m going to ask you a few questions about your experience in the travel industry in particular about car rental.
First question is how long have you worked in the car rental industry?
I’m with car rental for quite a while, in the meantime 20 years.

How have you seen the current industry evolve over recent times?
I think there have been a lot of changes in last years, you know, the internet has changed a lot. Of course also the booking quality has changed a lot, it’s a lot easier to book and the latest trend is, I think, seamless travel.
What do you see as the main business opportunities for car rental companies?
I think that the challenge for car in the next few years is that the customers go away from owning their own car. There is more flexibility on mobility needs so the customers take different cars from one minute, with car sharing to limousine service to taxi service but as well chauffeur drive or some other stuff to be flexible. They don’t want to own their car necessarily anymore. I think that is good for the car rental industry in total if you can offer the whole mobility chain.

Car rental today is a consolidated industry; it’s becoming more and more consolidated. What you see as the one or two main critical factors for your success?
I think the most critical point is customer satisfaction. We think that’s the crucial thing where the customer decides to go. It’s the network and the customer satisfaction, definitely.
What does a connected travel future mean to you?
Connected travel means for me of course, seamless travel as we mentioned, before but it’s also a lot of other stuff like the connected drive system which we are offering in our BMW cars exclusively. You have a personal concierge service; you as well have connectivity with all your mobile devices, you also have easy rental processes is like renting with a QR code for example. It’s a lot easier to get your car.

What does a personalised travel future mean to you?

Personalized travel means for us that you really take care about the personal needs of each customer. So I expect that the needs of me are reflected in all marketing issues of my chosen car rental company as well as for the whole the parts of my travel so I get offers from one minute to three years wherever I want to go and whatever I need. 

The final question, how can Sixt together with Amadeus shape the future of travel?
Well, we think that Amadeus has made a lot of progress in the last years, they have developed from a very static system into a very flexible system and if we both together are working on integrating all these travel needs of the customer into one booking stream, I think we did a good job together.