Amadeus Distribution Merchandising

Merchandising and Personalization take off in the TMC space

Merchandising has reset the travel landscape, opening new partnership and customer engagement opportunities for airlines and travel agents. From bundling to unbundling, more personalisation and brand differentiation, the travel industry can now better serve savvy travellers who expect to play a greater role in shaping their travel experiences, on the go.

Amadeus’ industry-leading technology drives more revenues and better customer service for the industry, while delivering a more personalised and rewarding experience for travellers, whether corporate or leisure. This is happening today. Ready to activate your business through the world’s largest travel network with Amadeus Merchandising?

Latest news: Emirates' seat reservation now available in the Amadeus Distribution Channel

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Product overviews

Amadeus Airline Fare Families:

Simplicity, transparency, choice and value. These are just some of the attributes consumers expect when shopping for travel. Our solution enables airlines to package, brand and differentiate compelling offers that add value to the traveller journey. Clear offer descriptions and messages ensure airlines can reflect the essence of their brands while empowering travel agents to better advise and upsell those options that best meet traveller needs.

Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services:

Travellers want the freedom to personalise their travel experience, picking and choosing from a range of flight and non-flight related services that add value to their door to door travel experience. And they expect to be able to this all in one go, through the device of their choice. This opens new partnership, revenue and customer engagement opportunities for airlines and travel sellers. Fully deployed across the world’s largest travel community, including all IATA BSP markets, our solution ensures you never miss an opportunity to satisfy your customers’ needs, wherever they are.

Amadeus Rich Merchandising:

In today’s digital age, rich media is a key component of the shopping experience and a gateway into the distinctive features that make travel offers and brand experiences unique. Our Rich Content solutions augment traveller engagement by enabling airlines to showcase their products and services across different devices and Amadeus retailing interfaces. These can be further promoted through our Media Solutions portfolio that deliver targeted advertising campaigns right down to specific point-of-sale, anywhere in the world.


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