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Amadeus Global Retailing & Distributions Systems – Indirect Channel (GDS)

Shopping and Advertising
Smart content aggregation

Gathers and harmonises atomic provider content across multiple sources. Supports multiple types of connectivity including NDC-xml

Content Gateway

Segment Specific UIs & Web Services

Delivers airlines enriched offers up to the last mile & via an enhanced user experience. Amadeus integrates Ancillary Services, Fare Families & Media Solutions in UIs specific to the various subscriber segments

SHOPPING FLOW: Features the airline’s differentiated products & compares relevant travel solutions across multiple providers. Rolling out merchandising capabilities in our extensive portfolio of high-performance customised search solutions

ADVERTISING enables airlines promotion in multiple channels including GDS & B2C

Offer management & Personalisation

Subscribers can optimise sales by managing business rules, collaborating with providers & tailoring their offer based on unique market & consumers insights

Business Optimisation

Commercial agreements with providers
Mobile / on trip servicing: Check my Trip, Trip Concierge
Efficiency: ATC, ATC shopper, Offers, Total Trip Record, payments
Markets insights: Fare monitoring, Search & Booking Intelligence

Core processes

End-to-end integration of airline’s enriched products in reservation, fulfilment, payment & settlement. Reporting of the generated revenue on behalf of airlines and other providers.
Integration in subscribers mid/back office processes is key for adoption

  Available today Amadeus Value
Shopping and Advertising
Smart content aggregation
  • Traditional: OAG, ATPco, Direct Filing
  • Rich media
  • XML, NDC-xml for chargeable seats

The widest distribution network connecting 430 airlines to 90,000 travel agencies in 220 markets

Leading search technology used by the world’s top online TAs: 60 billion searches in 2013

Consistency in all touch points on one platform: more than 100 airlines contracted for Ancillary Services, over 60 already implemented

Deliver differentiation up to the last mile with unrivalled scale & efficiency

Choice of connectivity & Personalisation level

Focus on User Experience & collaboration to drive adoption

Lead Revenue creation

  • Up to 10% conversion on ancillaries
  • Replicate fare families success
Content Gateway

Segment Specific UIs & Web Services
  • Integration in search:
    • free baggage allowance
    • airline service fees
    • bag & seat fees in corporate AeTM
  • Ancillaries inc. seat map with prices
  • Fare Families display & upsell, Minirules
  • Advertising: pictures, price check
Offer management & Personalisation
  • Traveltainment: dynamic packaging
  • Frequent Flyer tier-based segmentation
  • Airline Service Fees
  • Proof of concept for customer value & corporate value scores exchange
Business Optimisation
  • Negotiates fares, Offers on air
  • Time limit for ancillaries (AIL)
  • Travel agency service fee manager
  • Automated commissions on ancillaries
  • End to end flow including automated reissue for ancillaries
Core processes
  • EMD –A, EMD-S
  • Automated reissue of ancillaries