Corporate Citizen Traveller

This type of traveller has found themselves in a world where technology is blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives. 
They place great value on their work-life balance which is being interfered through the need to always be “connected” – regardless of where they are located or working from. This is a transformation that the youngest professionals are embracing more easily. 
Corporate Citizens are frequent travellers with mid to top positions in their companies. They see travel as an attractive part of their work as it allows them to have enriching experiences and get away from the routine. For this type of traveller, travel represents an activity that goes beyond the actual travel experience, but starts at the time of planning and finishes once they have returned and their expenses need to be reported. 
They expect to receive services that cater to all stages of travel from planning to booking to transit to post trip. In other words, Corporate Citizens expect the same easy navigation that they usually experience when they travel for leisure, but also the efficiency that they expect from business travel. 


Corporate citizen traveller - report

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Corporate citizen traveller - video

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Key characteristics

Corporate citizen traveller - characteristics

- Personalisation
- Efficiency
- Caring