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Shaping the future of Airline Disruption Management (IROPS)


Disruption costs the airline industry US$60b per year - Could we do something about it?

How can the airline industry resolve this problem?
Disruption is inevitable given the complexity of air travel and impact of uncontrollable events eg adverse weather conditions. Flight disruption management and improving recovery, resolution and passenger service in the event of unforeseen changes remains a crucial issue.
We are seeing a shift in attitudes. Alliances and joint ventures, airlines and airport stakeholders are placing greater focus on resolving this problem to improve recovery in the event of a delay and reduce the level of impact to the traveller’s journey.
Amadeus consulted global leaders to launch Shaping the future of Airline Disruption Management (IROPS)’, an industry thought leadership paper, debated at the IATA World Passenger Symposium Executive summit in Dubai, which highlights the key industry challenges, offers industry expert insights and identifies options for flight recovery and passenger service improvement.
This paper is part of the ‘Future Traveller Tribes 2030’  series of research papers and builds upon the Airline Disruption Management ‘state of the nation’ paper launched with T2RL at their New Generation of Airline Passenger Systems Conference in London in Sept.
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