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Travel Retailer of the Future: : creating future travel experiences

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Off the screen and on the scene: how to woo digital natives to a travel agency store. Future travel experiences will transform travel agencies as we know them. Learn in this report future travel trends & how the next generation will travel.

Time to shape up.
New generations want to be informed, inspired by real travel experiences, not by glossy brochures filled with photoshopped imagery that don’t reflect reality.
Most travellers between the age of 20 and 30 have never set foot in a physical travel agency before. And why should they? They were born digital.
Getting digital natives to show up in person rather than online takes some innovative thinking.
Travellers are driving change and forcing providers to transform their strategies and business models.   To help our travel retailer customers define their business for the travellers of the future, we partnered with The Sustainable Design School (The SDS) and embarked on a joint research project. 
We asked The SDS to use scenario planning to map travel trends and devise potential pathways to create a picture tailored to travellers’ evolving needs. The school uses design thinking as a way to approach sustainable innovation.
The objective of our joint research paper is twofold:
  1. Help travel retailers with physical stores attract younger generations to step inside a travel agency store
  2. To inspire the travel retail world with innovative ideas and new perspectives
Based on their research, The SDS imagined four innovative concepts that most appeal to Generations Y and Z’s lifestyle:

TOs_The Travel Retailer of the Future_IFTHEA logo
TOs_The Travel Retailer of the Future_QUA logo
A new kind of Travel Agency experience built around the
concept store model
A solar-powered capsule that provides a virtual 360-degree immersive experience
TOs_The Travel Retailer of the Future_Share & Go logo
TOs_The Travel Retailer of the Future_Take me Along logo
A mobile app that connects the travel consultant (TOM) to
potential travellers
A bus van people can hop on/off to help them find the type of vacation that best matches their profile
The future is yours to decide, but the best way to predict the future is to create your own.
Research Sources: The Sustainable Design School