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Online Travel 2020: Evolve, Expand or Expire


The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

How do today’s online travel players prepare for an uncertain and dynamically evolving future?
The decisions you make today are critical for the future. Many people are resistant to change. But change is inevitable and the unforeseen can and often does occur; we’re working in a quickly changing industry where disruptive business models are blurring the lines between players, and new emerging technologies are taking root.
In order to be prepared for unpredictable upshots, we have used a scenario planning methodology to map trends and to devise likely sequences of events that paint a picture of what the future may hold.
We have identified the evolution of four different scenarios:  
_ The rise of Mega Online Travel Retailers >
_ Introducing Digital Tour Operators >
_ The rise of more sophisticated Mobile Travel Retailers >
_ The new Travel Marketplace >
Technology transformation required
At Amadeus, we continue to invest in delivering more content, travel search and merchandising technology to help you deliver the ultimate online travel purchasing experience. With many projects under way, we provide the necessary building blocks to accompany your business into the future.
The future starts now. These new business models could be the nemeses or the vehicles for your success.
So, who do you want to be in three to five years from now?
Which future are you going to embrace and how are you going to adapt?