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European business travel and expense analysis

Ten key insights into business travel and expense trends and corporate practices.

This white paper reviews the highlights of an independent study conducted by Concomitance and co-sponsored by Amadeus in March and April of 2015.
After several years of decline, business travel spend in Europe is once again on the rise. Yet, as 590 respondents responsible for managing the Travel & Expense (T&E) budgets of their Corporations told us, they are under pressure more than ever to demonstrate a Return on Investment of travel spend whilst ensuring the security and comfort of their travellers.
The data obtained through this research helps Corporations understand how they compare with their peers in terms of how mature their current processes and technology are. We can see that more and more Corporations are equipping themselves both with Online Booking tools (OBT) and Expense Management systems (EMS) that allow them to optimise their processes end to end.