Thinking like a retailer


5 key merchandising considerations for airlines

"Thinking like a retailer", a new Frost & Sullivan report commissioned by Amadeus, gives readers insight into the 5 essential elements airlines must consider in their merchandising strategy to unlock the retail mindset.

Thinking like a retailer
The crux of the report is about the impact and performance of different merchandising techniques. It considers what, when and how airlines can best satisfy their traveller needs and desires to meet their revenue generation and customer satisfaction KPIs. For example, what products and services are most relevant at which specific time in the traveller journey? Which channel and device should be employed when to bring the greatest revenue returns? How does traveller targeting and travellers' perception of value, impact airline performance?

The report gives concrete ROI figures plus clear guidance and insight on how to approach the "what, when and how" questions that airlines need to answer and execute to become true retailers.

Travel infographic - Thinking like a retailer