Unlocking new airline revenues with the global travel ecosystem

Unlocking new airline revenues with the global travel ecosystem

Amadeus vision for a Global Travel Ecosystem

Our vision is to power an open, intelligent, dynamic and customer-centric global travel ecosystem that seamlessly connects airlines, travel sellers, airports, hotels and all other participants in the travel industry. All players will be able to share information in real-time and across all touch-points of the travel lifecycle, creating a single view of the traveller.

The evolution of airline merchandising

Leveraging the customer insight generated by the global travel ecosystem, our technology enables precise merchandising and retailing to deliver a truly personalised and dynamic shopping experience. This means airlines can unlock more than US$130 billion in additional revenues by 2020.

Amadeus Global Merchandising is about reaching travellers anywhere (regardless of the sales channel used), any time (throughout the 'pre-trip to on-trip' journey cycle) and adapting the merchandising strategy to anyone (based on traveller context, behaviour and value). Providing the right product, through the right channel, at the right time will ensure that airlines can strive for service excellence and generate incremental revenues from expanding shopping baskets.

We believe that our combination of assets and resources means Amadeus is uniquely placed to deliver this vision, which is guiding our investments in all areas of the global travel ecosystem.

“The global travel industry, and the way in which consumers experience it, is changing so dramatically that it requires a fundamental change to the way in which travel is sold and how the traveller is served”
Luis Maroto, Chief Executive Officer and President of Amadeus.

Amadeus vision for a Global Travel Ecosystem

The global travel ecosystem

Our vision is underpinned by the development of the new Amadeus Global Merchandising System and the evolution of the Amadeus Global Retailing and Distribution Systems. Fully integrated across the Amadeus Airline Core Systems and using real-time customer data, airlines can access a single customer view to deliver the best end-to-end traveller experience while identifying and fulfilling new sales opportunities.

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Anytime Merchandising Personalised merchandising Best-in-class shopping Extensive dynamic content Strategic selling

An interface to create, deploy and monitor the airline’s merchandising strategy in real-time

Deliver a customised offer to the traveller at the right time through the most relevant touch-point

Offer shopping solutions for all distribution channels (direct and indirect), from acquisition and inspiration, to search and servicing

Expand your offer with real-time access to any travel-related content

Work closely with Amadeus consultants to connect strategic goals with operational reality. Deploy best-in-class merchandising techniques that will increase conversion rates and boost revenues

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