Borja Saki | Corporate Communications Senior Executive

Borja Saki

Senior Executive

Borja's journey in corporate communications began five years ago, taking him first through the Airports business, then to Rail, Payments, Mobile and also assisting R&D, Operations and Innovation.

With a background in marketing and communications, Borja previously worked in the Amadeus Travel Agency marketing team for over a year, and in a Spanish e-commerce start-up before that. He completed a Master’s degree in Madrid after finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the quaint student town of Canterbury, UK.

Borja is a trilingual global citizen of Turkish and Spanish descent, having lived in Turkey, Spain and the UK. He is a passionate foodie who loves hunting for typical delicacies, enjoys cooking, a good old thriller film but also a sitcom, and travelling off the beaten path. He also loves the sea (and misses it dearly in Madrid).

For me, travel is the bridge of life. It reaches new cultures offering immense learnings, but also unites loved ones. It's a privilege to count on the technology that makes possible the gift of travel as we know it today.


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