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Andrew Tessler on The Travel Gold Rush

This is the first release from a series of video interviews with industry experts on The Travel Gold Rush report : www.amadeus.com/goldrush2020 The Travel Gold Rush 2020, outlines how the travel sector can better ride the global economic rollercoaster and secure future growth and profitability. Pointing to the death of traditional airline cabin classes; the rise of face-to-face agents; the dominance of Asia; the decline of business class and the importance of delivering a total travel experience, the study provides new thinking and innovative scenarios to support the future of travel. The report was developed by Oxford Economics, a prominent economic forecasting consultancy, and commissioned by Amadeus, a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. Based on macroeconomic forecasts and extensive input from key industry experts across airlines, travel agents, think-tanks and international organisations, the report details new revenue opportunities, drivers of profitability, new models for delivering services and the changes in traveller tastes set to influence the future of the industry.