Amadeus Destination Insight Top View

Amadeus Destination Insight Top View: Performance made clear

Performance made clear.

Top View delivers clear, powerful performance indicators from origin countries and cities to a destination.

It is the perfect platform for destinations looking to reliably track the monthly performance of its strategies. Built on a foundation of real, global, air travel transactions that provide historically consistent data, and combined with a highly visual and responsive design, it is the fastest way to detect issues at origin country or city level and share them with key decision makers.

Main Features

  • Heat Map of Origin Markets
  • Top 5 Growing and Declining Origins
  • Outlook of performance for coming 6 months
  • Analysis by Country, City and Route Level

Key Benefits

  • Immediately identify performance issues, in current and future months
  • Spot emerging origins and opportunities
  • See seasonality trends at a glance
  • Analyse the performance of competitor destinations

Use Top View to:


Design long-term strategic plans

Long-term strategic plans


Shape your strategy on-the-go

Your strategy on-the-go


Optimise tactical marketing plans

Tactical marketing plans