Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator

Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator: Strategy brought to life

Strategy brought to life.

Analysts wishing to have access to real, reliable up-to-date travel insights, need look no further than Destination Insight Navigator.

Powered by billions of travel agency bookings, Navigator delivers deep insights into daily planning, purchasing and travel behaviours of travellers worldwide. Thanks to its daily granularity and weekly data refreshes, Navigator is especially powerful for designing data-driven marketing campaigns and tracking their performance.

Main Features

  • Performance of origin markets to destination and competitors
  • Daily level granularity including 3 years of historical data
  • Analysis of booked passenger by booking and travel date, length of stay and advance purchase
  • Segmentation by business vs. leisure travellers, international vs. domestic, booking channel and more…

Key Benefits

  • Assess traveller behaviour trends in your target markets
  • Track the impact of your campaigns at a daily level
  • Identify and manage shortfalls in future visitor bookings
  • Benchmark your performance vs. competitors’

Use Navigator to:


Build a marketing plan with clear objectives and KPIs

A marketing plan with clear objectives and KPIs


Foresee performance and react to market dynamics

Performance and react to market dynamics


Optimise the timing of marketing campaigns

The timing of marketing campaigns


Benchmark performance against competitors

Performance against competitors


Track and prove your marketing ROI

And prove your marketing ROI


Understand emerging market trends and travel patterns

Emerging market trends and travel patterns