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Amadeus for Destination Marketing Organisations

Amadeus for Destination Marketing Organisations

As a Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) or Tourism Board, you need to promote your country, city or region in the most effective way, optimise your strategic and tactical marketing plans and sustainably grow the tourism of your area. To do this, you need to make decisions based on detailed traveller trends and preference data.

We can help.

Amadeus processes hundreds of millions of journeys every year, and has the insight and tools to help you drive visitor growth in your region. Tourism boards can reach highly-targeted audiences, making their marketing spend more effective than ever before by using our powerful travel data analytics solutions and a broad mix of marketing channels.


As each tourism organisation defines success on different terms, our customer engagements begin with a consultation to fully understand your goals and to define, with you, the path to success. We tailor our solutions and services to your DMO’s needs, supporting you at every step of the journey, from planning and tracking, and proving your campaign’s success.

  • Analyse

    With data sets, analytics and Big Data from Travel Intelligence, we transform numbers into insights tailored to your tourism organization. Search, purchase and travel patterns of real visitors plus additional profile information such as leisure, business, individuals and much more.

  • Advertise

    Amadeus Media Solutions and travel audience offer a powerful, data-driven marketing platform that spans the traveller journey to promote your destination. Our advertising media reaches the world’s largest network of connected travel agents and millions of global travellers through offline, online and mobile channels.

  • Inspire

    Amadeus utilises its Mobile Solutions to create applications and sites not only to inspire travellers but also helps them plan their trip from start to finish. We give the travellers options to set a travel plan via a detailed map with pins of destinations like the VisitEurope app –in partnership with the European Travel Commission.