The Amadeus Data Centre

The Amadeus Data Centre

At Amadeus we are committed to working together with our customers to shape the future of travel. We believe in building and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, focusing on our customers’ evolving business needs – and our data centre is a fine example of that.

The Amadeus Data Centre is one of the world’s biggest data processing centres dedicated to the travel industry. It houses a future-oriented scalable technology based mainly on open systems and a service-oriented architecture.

In 2016, more than 3.9+ million net travel bookings per day (peak) and over 747 million passengers boarded were processed in the Amadeus Data Centre.

The size, too, is impressive; 30,000 cubic metres of concrete and 3,500 tonnes of steel in the bare shell alone.


July 8th, 1988

Data centre under construction

Data centre


Aerial view

 Aerial view

Amadeus Data Centre

Amadeus Data


By the time construction began computers were expanding in power and shrinking in size so quickly that four of the ten originally-planned cells were no longer needed. Only three fifths of the data centre’s pentagon were finally built.

A ‘pyramid of security’ model was used to plan the centre’s spaces. Each function has its own self-contained structure. The more important a function the deeper inside the building it is positioned, making the whole centre all reliable as possible.

The six secure rooms that contain the data centre’s IT systems are separated from the outside world by five other secure zones, adding extra security to the facility.

Our customers’ success is our success. Amadeus solutions and services have a proven track record of delivering business results for our customers. The Amadeus Data Centre’s numbers speak for themselves when trying to grasp just how Amadeus achieves that.

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