François Weissert

Senior Vice President, Global Core Development
Amadeus IT Group

François heads the Global Core Development organisation, in charge of all development issues related to the Amadeus Central System products.

He has held the position of Vice President of Amadeus Global Core Development since September 2000.

The Global Core organisation was inherited from System One and has undergone no major evolution since the origin of Amadeus. However, the size of Global Core as well as its range of activities have significantly evolved, such as with non-air developments and the large increase in providers. Also, Amadeus is positioning itself as provider of IT solutions, passenger management and other Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) systems. François has responsibility for all these units.

François joined Amadeus in July 1996 as Director of Global Core Application, not only responsible for TPF (PNR, TTY, etc) but also for new UNIX developments (Car Server, Customer Server), API and Middleware development. He has played a key role in the TPF re-engineering and introduction of modern programming languages.

Prior to joining Amadeus, François worked at Air France, in the Operational Research team, then managed the passenger applications (reservation, yield management and check-in), and was Director of Systems and Production in the Valbonne Centre.