Dietmar Fauser

Vice President, Architecture, Quality & Governance
Amadeus IT Group

Dietmar was appointed Vice-President in 2013 to create and lead the transversal Architecture, Quality and Governance (AQG) group. His main mission is to support transversal activities across R&D. AQG ensures operational stability and technical evolutions over the long term by supporting R&D organisations on global development architecture, infrastructure, quality engineering and project management.
Prior to this, Dietmar was appointed Director of Core Middleware & Development Support in October 2009. His main responsibilities included the development of the service-oriented infrastructure enabling central applications to deliver business transactions on open and mainframe systems.
Previously Dietmar held the position of Director of Passenger Name Record (PNR) from October 2008. Acting in this role since the beginning of 2008, he was in charge of PNR and Customer Server developments in the Central Reservation System. This included all development and product definition activities. He was also responsible for the TPF decommissioning project for the PNR side of the reservation system.
In November 2004, Dietmar was appointed Senior Manager of the Structured Booking Record (SBR) department. The SBR department was responsible for the technical foundation of PNR management on open back-ends. In June 2000, he was appointed Unit Manager of the Altéa Plan Project (Senior Manager as from January 2004) in charge of the development of the Schedule Management part of the NewGen Inventory.
Dietmar joined Amadeus in May 1998 as Senior Software Engineer in the Unix Middleware Department. In July 1999, he was appointed Unit Manager within the CARS 2000 project.
Prior to joining Amadeus, Dietmar was a software engineer at Sophia in Paris (a company providing financial solutions for investment banking and trading), responsible for the design and implementation of real-time software components used to manage financial information flows and trigger automatic financial portfolio updates.
Dietmar has an engineering degree in IT from the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt, Germany (he undertook his final year at University XI in Paris).
With German as his first language, Dietmar is also fluent in English and French.