Benoit Janin

Vice President, Product Strategy
Amadeus IT Group

Benoit Janin was appointed VP, Product Strategy in January 2013. He heads the Product Strategy team within Corporate Strategy which leads strategic studies related to products, including business opportunities, market sizings and trends, competitive landscape, strategic options, go-to-market recommendations, functional assessments for potential partnerships, high level plan for implementations. The overall mission of this team is to provide a clear vision to help all Amadeus stakeholders make the right product decisions and to help coordinating on cross-business units topics.
Prior Benoit Janin was VP, Pricing and Shopping Platform from November 2007 until December 2012. Based in Nice, he was in charge of driving and organising all developments in the area of air Pricing and Shopping, including the development of cutting-edge technologies related to Fare Searches, the development of new major industry products such as Amadeus Ticket Changer, Ancillary Services, and Airline Ticketing fees, as well as incorporating continuous technological advancements as new software and hardware platforms become available, such as the new Massive Computation Platform to sustain “pre-shopping” products (e.g. Extreme Searches, Affinity Shopper).
In 1998 he joined the Fare Quote Development Division as Director until November 2007. He was in charge of driving and organising all developments in the area of Fares. He successfully drove the whole reengineering of the Fare Quote platform, which was completed in 2007, by migrating all pricing applications, fare searches and fares database applications to UNIX/Linux platforms and to relational databases. He also introduced new software technologies related to Fares Search making Amadeus a leading player in this area.
Benoit began his career at Amadeus in 1997 as Manager of the newly created Software Engineering Department in the Systems Planning Division. His main focus was on introducing new development methods such as UML for analysis and design, which is now being used quite extensively in Amadeus, and on the rationalisation of development tools usage and environments. 
Prior to joining Amadeus, Benoit worked as a Software Engineer at the French Geographical Institute (IGN) in Paris from 1979 to 1984 where he was in charge of Technical Studies in the area of Digital Cartography. In 1984, he joined a newly created company in the CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) industry, CISIGRAPH, where he first held the position of Manager in charge of technical developments. From 1989 to 1995, he held the CAM Development Department of CISIGRAPH where he was responsible for all developments in the areas of numerical machining, automatic meshing and plastics injection simulations. 
Benoit graduated from the French Ecole Polytechnique, and also holds a diploma of Geographical Engineer from IGN. He also holds an MBA from Istituto de Empresa, Madrid.