Qantas becomes our first Amadeus Altéa Inventory customer

Our revenues surpass €2 billion and we acquire a European IT supplier of IT services, Optims.

Amadeus’ annual revenues surpass €2 billion for the first time. Qantas becomes our first Amadeus Altéa Inventory customer. Amadeus introduces the ground-breaking value-based pricing system for airline distribution. Amadeus Master Pricer is launched. It is the first low-fare search tool for online travel agencies, and offers cheaper fares and extended shopping capabilities. The tool, which returns over 200 low-fare search options from a single query, beings unprecedented speed and flexibility to an online portal. 
Amadeus acquires Optims, the leading European supplier of IT services for the hotel industry. This acquisition secures and enhances our hotel distribution solutions for travel agents and the e-commerce sector.