Amadeus becomes a public company

The Euro is introduced as common account currency and we go public!

Amadeus announces an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October and enters the IBEX-35 in December, which represents Spain’s top 35 listed companies, ranked by market capitalisation, trading volume and free float value. By the end of the year, the company is listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Frankfurt stock exchanges. The Amadeus Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) opens in Sophia Antipolis. An international showcase for the company’s credentials and capabilities, the 1600m2 EBC is designed to create a permanent environment in which customers can experience Amadeus technology solutions and engage in open discussions with travel IT experts.
Amadeus launches, Amadeus e-Ticket server, the world’s first neutral electronic ticketing solution enabling carriers of any size to implement electronic ticketing. It also launches its new Value Pricer solution for travel agencies, this enables travel agencies and other customers to search published and negotiated fares, and returns four of the lowest possible options for available flights without having to complete a Passenger Name Record (PNR).