Icelandair launches the first Amadeus-powered website

We celebrate our 10 year anniversary! We now operate in 119 markets and host more than 2500 customers at the Mosaic conference in Barcelona.

Reflecting its international presence, more than 1300 people from 45 different nationalities are now employed centrally by Amadeus, which now operates in 119 markets around the world. In Barcelona, Amadeus hosts its fourth customer conference. The Mosaic conference is attended by over 2500 delegates, including travel agents, and Amadeus air, hotel, car rental, rail, ferry, cruise and tour operators, as well as third-party suppliers and travel industry experts. 
A new central office opens in January in Miami with 85 staff. New NMCs open in Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Pakistan, Southern Africa, Taiwan, Romania, the Philippines and the Ukraine. Icelandair launches the first Amadeus-powered travel website.