Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability
Our company commitment to create sustainable profitable growth and long-term value to all our stakeholders requires us to also foster environmental sustainability.
Amadeus’ environmental strategy is based on three pillars:
Environmental efficiency of Amadeus’ operations:

We measure the environmental impact of our operations, identifying areas for improvement, implementing solutions and monitoring our performance for continuous enhancements in environmental efficiency.

You can check our environmental policy here, as well as the evolution of our environmental performance here.
Amadeus solutions
Identifying and fostering the environmental benefits of Amadeus solutions:

Our customers expect us to deliver technological solutions that enable them to better face challenges, such as their environmental impact. In this respect, we work together with our customers on specific projects in order to enhance and monitor the positive environmental impact of Amadeus solutions.
Participation in joint industry environmental initiatives

We believe the environmental sustainability of the travel industry should be a common objective for all industry stakeholders. We need to work together to address environmental challenges for the whole industry. To this end, we keep various initiatives in place such as our participation in travel and tourism organisations and forums.

Amadeus and ICAO have reached an agreement to foster the use of a common methodology when estimating carbon emissions per passenger, and to encourage emissions-related mitigation actions. ICAO brings the benefits of commercial neutrality, legitimacy and global reach, as ICAO is the United Nations agency in charge of civil aviation. See here ICAO’s carbon calculator.
Read more about our Environmental Sustainability activity in the Amadeus Global Report 2016.

Global Report 2016

Global Report 2016

A business, financial and sustainability overview.

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Amadeus CSR Map

Amadeus CSR Map

Amadeus Corporate Social Responsibility has a global footprint.

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Environment in Amadeus Blog


Read more about our Environmental Sustainability activity in Amadeus Blog.

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