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Jobs for Students & Graduates: apprenticeship vacancies, international internships, work experience & trainee

Amadeus - Jobs for Students & Graduates

Our people often say that no two days are the same at Amadeus for students and graduates. Jobs for students and apprenticeship vacancies allow you to work at the heart of the fast paced travel industry. We offer jobs for students and graduates, including internships, apprenticeships, training jobs and international work experience. As we continue to innovate and strive for the best quality solutions for our customers, you will be part of an international workplace.

In Amadeus you learn and gain work experience every day. Every year hundreds of graduates and trainees join us for international internships and student jobs. Our training and development programmes empower them to succeed and shape a fulfilling travel industry career from the outset.

Amadeus offers a truly global career opportunity. We do business in 195 countries and our team brings together over 123 different nationalities. You will soon notice our diversity – of ideas, culture and languages.

Want to know what it's like to work at Amadeus from our employees' perspective? Watch this Amadeus career video to find out more about international internships, training jobs for students, and work experience.

Amadeus Job Openings

Amadeus Job Openings

As a recognized best employer, Amadeus global recruitment efforts seek top talent for travel industry jobs. Amadeus job openings await you.

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Amadeus Worldwide Offices

Amadeus Offices

We are a truly global travel industry player with international recruitment and work abroad opportunities. We are present in 195 markets.

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Careers for Professionals

Amadeus Professionals

Find a place that fits your sole combination of experiences and travel industry skills. Our unique environment is built for global career advancement.

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