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Amadeus offers jobs in the travel industry and is a known best employer which makes our company the perfect place for your travel job search

Amadeus jobs are more than just jobs in the travel industry. We have a reputation as one of the best employers – which makes Amadeus the perfect place for your travel job search. Because success looks different to each of us, there are different career opportunities for you to pursue.  Our travel business areas offer different roles for everyone, depending on your interest.

Find your fit in the travel industry at Amadeus:


Distribution has been at the heart of Amadeus’ business for more than 25 years. Thanks to our innovative solutions, travel providers such as airlines, hotels, railways, travel agencies and many others are connected to offer a personalized experience to travellers, from inspiring initial planning to post trip activities. Join Distribution to develop a new generation of solutions, which will shape the future of travel. 

Airline IT

Our next-generation IT solutions support thousands of mission critical operations worldwide. Airlines rely on Amadeus’ IT solutions to manage their business and replace in-house legacy systems. We help them enhance their product and service offering and gain efficiencies, whilst responding to changing market conditions. 

New Businesses

Building on the success of our Distribution and Airline IT business, we are expanding into new areas and customer segments such as Hotels, Railway, Airport IT, Business Intelligence, Payments and New Media. Working in this area is exciting because you're building something completely new and helping the travel players face challenges such as leveraging data or evolving their payment platforms. You can make things happen and be truly innovative.

Research & Development

Innovation has been a critical factor in our success over the years. Our commitment extends from the continuous improvement of our core platform – with a particular emphasis on the migration to open systems – to exploring solutions to match the changing needs of the industry players. Being part of our software development team means designing, developing and maintaining some of the world’s most complex information systems accessed by hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and travellers.


Amadeus owns and manages one of the largest data centres dedicated to the travel industry. Our ‘follow-the-sun model’ with three main sites in addition to other operational centres allows us to provide optimal support for our customers worldwide. Our world class, multinational teams of engineers, coupled with strong investment in open source, cutting-edge technologies and progressive automation place us at the forefront of the industry.

Corporate Functions

Our corporate teams include Finance, Strategy, Legal, Information Technology, Business Processes, Sales and Purchasing, HR, Communications and Branding. They all work together to make Amadeus  run smoothly. We grow a global and highly skilled workforce who are united in their passion to deliver Amadeus’ global strategy, whether that’s in relation to our people, our products or our services.