Amadeus Dubai


Located in the Middle East, between the Arabian Gulf and the tranquil desert, is the opulent city of Dubai. The city is situated in the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai is a mixture of modern extravagance and the best of Arabian culture, a multi-cultural place where skyscrapers kiss the clouds, where traditional sports such as camel racing and falconry still prevail, where the best of music and culture merge on the Middle East and where the sun shines all year long. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the city has resulted in Dubai being the regional hub for business and commerce in the Middle East. In addition to this, Dubai has excellent healthcare and educational institutions, making it a very alluring place to live.

Although Dubai is very contemporary, it remains rich in the Islamic traditions of Arabia. Religion is a very important part of life in the UAE and all citizens are required to be respectful of local customs. Arabic is also the official language of the UAE, but English is spoken by all and is the predominant language in the business private sector. Although Dubai is an Islamic nation, it is well-known for being more tolerant than its counterparts in the Gulf and shows a liberal attitude towards men and women alike.

About the office/building/facilities


Amadeus I.T. Group S.A. (Dubai BR) is perfectly located in the very sleek and modern office building , Festival Tower , in the booming retail district of Dubai Festival City. The Tower has 360 degree views of Dubai and is adjacent to the Festival City Mall and the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza hotels. Dubai International Airport is also a mere 10 minute taxi ride from the office.

Main activity of the office


Amadeus I.T. Group S.A. (Dubai BR) is the regional headquarters of Amadeus overseeing the Middle East North Africa region by bringing together the different expertise of Amadeus: airline distribution, airline IT, airport IT, travel agency and buyer solutions. The regional hub is interfacing with the 17 local Amadeus Commercial Organisations (ACOs) servicing 21 countries in the MENA region as well as regional and local airlines and customers.