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Erding (Munich)

Erding (Munich)

Erding is located some 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of Munich in a rural environment on the River Sempt. It was founded in 1228 A.D. and not so long ago celebrated its 780th anniversary. It has a population of approximately 34,000 and is now, because of its proximity to the new (Munich) Franz-Josef-Strauß airport (10 minutes by car), a rapidly growing multinational community.

Due to its close location to Munich (motorway, train and busses) Erding is a popular living environment for Münchener. It used to be known as a sleepy satellite town for Munich but is now steadily waking up. Erding has a lower cost of living in comparison with Munich and has the advantages of a smaller town with a rich variety of interesting shops and stores in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Half of Amadeus' employees live in Erding where there is a large variety of schools to educate their children.

Erding has its own Summer Theater and offers a multitude of cultural activities. In the municipal hall called Stadthalle Erding symphonies, operas, ballet and theater plays are performed. The local museums like the Heimatmuseum (local heritage museum), the farmhouse museum (Bauernhaus Museum) and various monuments and churches form a historical asset to Erding. One of the typical markets in Erding is the Bauern Markt, the farmer's market is held every Friday in front of the Bauernhaus Museum. Amongst the bazaars, the fairs and feasts in Erding, the Herbstfest is one of the most popular ones and is held in the center of town.

Not only has Erding a selection of cultural pleasures, it also has a broad range of sports represented by many sport clubs around. Also, the surrounding recreation areas offer many opportunities for leisure time i.e. swimming, hiking, biking and much more.

Amadeus Data Processing Centre: Offices

Amadeus in Erding is split into 4 main office buildings and one Data Centre.

Erding ADP Building Map

The Amadeus Data Centre opened for operations in January 1990. The purpose-built facility was designed by engineers with extensive experience in establishing military and commercial data centres. It is fully owned and managed by Amadeus - its sole occupant. This ownership provides us with full control of the physical environment and removes any reliance on third parties for security and data protection matters. Additionally, it optimises the efficiency of our development organisation – not only through integration processes and tools but also the flexibility it creates and the dedicated support we can give to creative, new solutions.

Erding Building

The bunker-like building has metre thick, steel reinforced concrete walls and ceilings. It’s shaped like a pentagon with 6,000 square metres of fully equipped computer floor space. The internal configuration of the data centre is designed to further increase the resilience of the service in case of failure of any single component. Security is always of the highest importance to our operations and it starts with the physical security of the facilities. A fence, monitored with perimeter radar and cameras, surrounds the premises and a trench prevents possible attacks using vehicles. Infrared observation is installed on the roof and inside the building a network of cameras is set up for surveillance. The observation systems are linked to the security control centre manned 24 hours per day / 365 days per year by a professional security company.

Amadeus Data Processing Centre: Operations

The Amadeus Data Centre is one of the largest data centres worldwide fully dedicated to travel with more than 20 Petabytes of storage and over 11,000 infrastructure devices. In peak times, we process more than 27,000 end user transactions per second and more than 24 billion SQL executions per day. Every month we perform more than 5,200 IT changes and more than 500 application software loads while maintaining an average availability of 99.99%.

Our 27 years of experience running a first class data centre coupled with the strong commitment to continuous investment in latest technology, progressive automation, and adaptation to international and industry standards lets us stay ahead of the curve. Today, more than 430 airlines, more than 280,000 hotel properties, more than 100 rail providers, and other travel providers depend on the systems hosted and maintained at the data centre facility. The facility also hosts and manages the passenger service and Departure Control Systems for more than 100 airlines, as well as numerous other IT solutions for travel management companies, hotel companies, and many other players in the travel and tourism industry. The Amadeus Data Centre is one of the largest data processing centres dedicated to the travel industry and we are committed to service excellence for our customers.

Erding ADP Infographic

Amadeus operations are based on a follow-the-sun model with operation sites in Erding (Germany), Miami (USA), and Sydney (Australia), as well as specialist operations support groups in Bad Homburg (Germany) and London (United Kingdom). Although the primary site in Erding is manned 24x7, the secondary sites become the first point of contact during their business hours, following a formal hand-over. This ensures optimal support for our customers from an office near to them and facilitates us performing maintenance procedures during "off-hours".

Our truly global operations are supported by approximately 870 employees of more than 50 nationalities.

Maintaining one of the largest privately owned data centres in Europe is a great responsibility that we take very seriously.

To keep you up to date with the most current numbers – we present our popular Amadeus Data Centre infographic with the latest facts and figures.

Job opportunities

For all positions in Amadeus Data Processing Centre, fluency in English is required; a knowledge of the travel industry or IT environment is an advantage.

We are looking for highly motivated IT professionals who want to become a part of world class, multi-national teams of engineers working with cutting-edge technologies in the biggest travel data centre in the world.

Additionally, you can send a spontaneous application, including your CV and motivation letter, to our email address:

Our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


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