Amadeus Scandinavia (Norway - Oslo)

About Oslo

Oslo is a modern city with many beautiful neighborhoods and parks. Everything is in proximity and you can walk almost anywhere. The city is characterized by a unique tranquility. People enjoy relaxing corners of the restaurants by candlelight. The view of the fjords is unparalleled. Oslo is a city that conveys a sense of peace and serenity. This is perhaps why it is the capital city of peace. The Nobel Prizes including the one for peace are given here every year. The Nobel museum is one of the many museums worth visiting. Many of the museums are free on certain days of the week. Here also is the famous Scream painting of Munch and many other of his famous works. The best way to experience Oslo is certainly by foot.

If you do not want to go far jump into one of the many parks, such as the beautiful sculpture park, where an impressive collection of works of outdoor art pay tribute to different facets of life. Or the Botanical Garden, which is a natural paradise just minutes away. Also it can be a delight to enjoy the gardens of the palace and see how many locals carry their lunch baskets. One of the most wonderful experiences is walking around the Oslo Fjord. Only ten minutes walking and you are in the middle of the mountains, breathing pure air and a landscape that is a delight to the eyes.

Office description

The distribution Commercial Organisation responsible for the Norwegian Customers is located in the central parts of the capital Oslo. Excellent public transportation takes you to all parts of Oslo and to the airport smoothly. Amadeus train over 550 travel agency staff yearly in this location.

Our Main activity in Oslo

The local Sales and Marketing functions are based here. Additional to that our local learning services functions provide first class Learning services to Amadeus customers with the objective to maximize deployment of Amadeus products and solutions.