Amadeus Italy (Milan)

About Milan

Milan is the second-most populous city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. The city has a population of about 1.3 million and it represents the main industrial, commercial and financial center of the Country. Milan is both an ancient and a modern city, with interesting buildings, parks, and offers a wide choice of museums, churches and cultural points of interest. It is considered one of the world’s fashion and design capital. This is why so over two million visitors come every year from all over the world.

Our office


Amadeus Italy offices are located in Via Morimondo 26, near Navigli area, one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Milan.

Situated southwest of the city's historic center, the neighborhood is named after the canals that once were used to provide the city with water and to transport people. Nowadays the Navigli are a very lively district, with a wide offer of bars, clubs and restaurants.

The building of Amadeus Italy used to be typical suburban villa in the early eighteenth century, then converted into an industrial plant in 1800. It served for this purpose until a few decades ago; since the end of the ‘80es it was turned into a complex of little houses and offices, hosted in the historic buildings of the former factory Richard Ginori, famous for its ceramics.

Our activity


Amadeus Italy is the local Commercial Office (ACO) of Amadeus IT Group.

Its organization is composed by: marketing, finance, IT, sales and operations teams.

Our focus is on commercialization and distribution of Amadeus Product & Solutions, to help our customers and partners (travel agencies, corporations, airlines, ground handlers, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airports, cruise lines and ferry operators) to improve their business performances ; we provide support, standard and ad hoc training to our customers and partners .