Amadeus Benelux (Brussels)


Amadeus Benelux is the local Commercial Office (ACO) of Amadeus IT Group & is spread across three countries. The Belgian office is located in the north of Brussels at Vilvoorde & the Netherlands office is located in Hoofddorp, near the Schiphol airport. In Luxembourg, we have a very small office in one of the business neighbourhoods at the outskirts of Luxembourg city. We also have a unit in Antwerp which focuses on development & support of mid and back office products. Antwerp does not fall within our ACO activities & has its own organizational set-up closely linked to our development centre in Nice.

Vilvoorde near Brussels

Vilvoorde near Brussels

Brussels, the diverse capital of Belgium, is the heart of Europe and its institutions. With its geographical location in the centre of Europe, it is also a crossroad and meeting point for the 500 million citizens of the European Union.

Historically Dutch-speaking, although the majority language is French, the city is officially bilingual.

Brussels is a ‘must see’ in Europe, with its small town charm, trendy bars and restaurants, fabulous food, social life, fantastic shopping, numerous museums, and other attractions including the diverse and interesting exhibitions and festivals organized every year.

The streets of Brussels feature art and architecture created from an unmistakably Belgian point of view. When walking down the streets of Brussels you will find the most magnificent structures in Art Nouveau style from famous Belgian Architects.

In Brussels you find an amazing mixture of style, art, and design. While attracting more and more big names in international fashion to its growing shopping districts, home-grown Belgian designers are rapidly gaining global notoriety.


Brussels Office

All offices are within easy commuting distance from the city & are conveniently located within an IT & service industry environment. An extensive network of motorways enables all commercial and other traffic to easily reach any European destination from any of the Amadeus offices in Benelux.

The office in Vilvoorde is situated in the Business & Mediapark of Vilvoorde in the periphery, north of Brussels. The Brussels ring road and the national airport is nearby & can be easily reached by motorway and boast easy access to both the provinces and the centre of Brussels. The complex is also accessible by public transport and can be easily reached from the railway station of Vilvoorde as well as from the North Station of Brussels.

Main activity

Looking into details about Amadeus Benelux…

Amadeus Belgium was one of the first offices of Amadeus & it opened its doors in 1989. Amadeus Belgium quickly made a place in a highly competitive market. In 1995, Amadeus Belgium opened a branch in the Netherlands. Two years later, Amadeus extended its activities in Luxembourg and was renamed Amadeus Benelux .

Amadeus Benelux is a public company and its official name is Amadeus Benelux N.V. Our commercial organisation is focused on providing Amadeus Products & Solutions to the Benelux market. We offer customer support, training & project management to global & local customers. The company has an impressive portfolio of clients and the fact that she is market leader in travel distribution is no doubt.