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Personalisation & Merchandising

Up close and Personal !

Managed Travel 3.0 is all about a more connected and engaged business travel ecosystem as well as a focus on the corporate citizen, and if we want to remain relevant, we need to create a better experience for travellers. This experience is set to come through smart, relevant and targeted Personalisation and Merchandising.
Meet Arlene Coyle and Gianni Pisanello from Amadeus and Igor Marchal from Egencia who will take you on a journey through Managed Travel 3.0. Explore key industry trends, potential opportunities, and learn more about the effect and benefits of Personalisation and Merchandising.

Personalisation & Merchandising overview

TMCs plays a key role in that they have to serve two masters, “one being the corporation and one being the corporate traveller”. Meet Arlene Coyle, Director of Managed Travel at Amadeus IT Group and have a look at how the industry has changed, understand where each key player fits and in turn see how TMCs can provide those services to their travellers, to keep a differentiating factor.

Airline merchandising is no longer an option

NDC, airline merchandising, ancillary services… Better understanding these terms with Gianni Pisanello, Strategic Marketing Director, Airline Distribution at Amadeus IT Group. Take a look at the key takeaways in the airline industry and discover the hidden secrets behind Personalisation and Merchandising.

Customers say it best!

Listen to the voice of Igor Marchal, Director of Supply and Development at Egencia as he takes us on a journey through Personalisation and Merchandising. Understand how managing ancillary services and working with both the airlines and the GDS provides a more streamlined service for customers!
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