Lisbon International Airport


For more than 10 years, UFIS has worked together with ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, SA to provide the best services to its customers.

At Lisbon Portela International Airport, Amadeus UFIS solutions' main purpose is to support the airport's operational department. From its modular product package UFIS installed a flight information processing system using its own Airport Operational Database (AODB) as the heart of the flight information system.

For more than 10 years, UFIS has worked together with ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, SA to provide the best services to its customers. Recently UFIS helped ANA migrate its Amadeus UFIS system from HP-RISC to HP-Itanium servers. The project also included an upgrade to Oracle® 11g. This upgrade to new hardware and operating systems ensures that the IT system is ready to handle the future growth at Lisbon.

Another project includes enhancements to the flight information processing system to include even more flight-related time information to the airport operations team and airport management. As part of their collaborative decision making strategy, this enhancement package will provide the Lisbon airport community a broad range of up-to-the-minute flight information enabling them to make better decisions across the board.

The AODB at Lisbon provides a state-of-the-art, fully scalable solution, combining enterprise application integration (EAI) of operational data with real-time performance. The AODB uses UNIX & Oracle® technology and features full redundancy through the system’s high-availability configuration, ensuring operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Information to or from the AODB is provided or accessed in two ways: manual input or requests via Amadeus UFIS applications and, more importantly, via interfaces to external systems such as ATC, SITA, the docking system or the billing system. In addition to providing a single central source of information, Amadeus UFIS solutions provides a wide range of operational support features including the automated planning of check-in counters, gates, baggage belts and aircraft stands. With this enhanced terminal resource management system, relationships between resources, so-called "resource chains," can be created. This aids in providing a consistent service to the airlines while keeping passenger flow at an optimum.

Furthermore, Amadeus UFIS solutions exchange information with the billing system at Lisbon airport in a fully automatic and bi-directional manner. Using this interface, Amadeus UFIS solutions provide information like counter occupation times, stand occupation times and other flight-related information which may be used for billing purposes. In the other direction, the billing system provides actual payment information about flight movements to support the airport operations team with online status information -- important for a fast and accurate processing of flight movements.

With the upgrade at the end of 2004, UFIS also added the Amadeus Airport FIDS module to the overall system, providing flight information directly to the existing displays. The airport was able to save money by reducing its costs in the areas of maintenance, service and administration as the Amadeus UFIS system replaced the FIDS central system from the previous supplier.

Another enhancement was the integration of OutSystems' Hub Edition, enabling the cost-effective provision of information services to the airport's customers. This includes not only the integration of third-party systems into the overall system environment, but also the distribution of actual flight information via, for example, SMS to passengers' mobile devices.

UFIS also worked with ANA to make changes needed to the flight information processing system and Amadeus Airport FIDS for the opening of Terminal 2 at Lisbon. Terminal 2, used for domestic departures, opened its doors in August 2007.