Hannover-Langenhagen Airport


At Hannover-Langenhagen Airport, Germany, UFIS Airport Solutions (UFIS-AS) supplied and installed the Flight Processing Management System (FPMS), the Resource Management System (RMS) and the Location Management System (LMS).

UFIS® LMS is used to plan and allocate check-in counters, gates and positions. It is a rule-based system enabling the automatic allocation on the basis of user-defined criteria. UFIS® RMS is used for long-, medium- and short-term human resource planning, as well as for real-time dispatch. This sophisticated application accounts for working times, equipment, and locations and other service- and rule-based conditions. The system also includes an interface to the time and attendance system.

The kernel of the system is formed by the UFIS® Central Database (CEDA) in a hot-standby configuration. The combination of the CEDA's fault-tolerant functionality and the hot-standby configuration provides the utmost in system availability. In Hannover, flight information, stored within the system's central database, is transferred to and received from various external systems such as the flight information display system, the docking guidance system and teletext.

The systems used in Hannover are modules from UFIS-AS's Universal Flight Information System (UFIS®). The complete UFIS® system enables flight information, basic data and system security management and resource planning and allocation from standard PCs running under Windows®.

System integration is a continuous process. Initially UFIS-AS provided interfaces to the flight information display system, docking system, and master clock. Later, working in partnership with SAP, UFIS-AS developed an interface to SAP's human resource management system.

Since the initial integration UFIS-AS has continued to provide the necessary update to the interfaces as the requirements from the third party system change and as further systems are integrated into the overall system environment. Additional integration to their system now includes interfaces to their baggage handling system, their noise monitoring system, and their website.

In 2005, UFIS-AS was awarded the contract to migrate the system from Solaris 7 to AIX as AirITSystems were consolidating their system environment to the IBM platform.

In 2008, UFIS-AS installed a simplified PRM solution. Passenger Service Messages (PSM) as well as Passenger Assistance List messages (PAL) are interpreted so that the airport can provide services to passengers with reduced mobility.

AirITSystems Hannover GmbH (AirIT) was founded in September 2001. Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen GmbH and Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide are the shareholders, both holding 50% of the shares. The company is based in Hannover.

Its activities comprise information and knowledge services for airports and their service providers. These include planning, consulting, implementation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and service of information equipment and systems. Furthermore, the company also offers development of application systems (SAP) plus technical support and extensive training.

Using the solutions provided by UFIS-AS, AirIT is responsible for operations and personnel planning for the aircraft and passenger handling at the airport's 88 check-in desks, 20 passenger ramps, 3 departure bus gates. Using these facilities Hannover-Langenhagen Airport handles 5.6 million passengers a year (with peak times coming during CeBit and other exhibitions) and with a capacity to handle up to 8 million passengers per year.