Chisinau International Airport


In July 2009, Chisinau International Airport in Moldova, with 806,691 passengers, began using UFIS's solutions with a seamless cutover from their existing system with no down-time experienced by the airport.

At the same time that UFIS Airport Solutions are powering some of the largest and busiest airports in the world, it is also designed to fit the needs of some of the smallest.

Thirty-one displays with flight information are scattered throughout the airport including those showing arrival and departure information, gate displays, and check-in counter displays. Up-to-date flight information for the displays is being provided through our Airport Operational database (AODB), Flight Information Processing System (FIPS), and telex processing.
Chisinau has proven to be an excellent project for the second installation of WebFIDS. It is a smaller, regional airport which allows us to showcase the module for this size airport. WebFIDS, first installed at Delhi International Airport, provides the same reliability and industry-proven functionality as the classic FIDS solutions with the added flexibility of being able to use any PC-based controller running Windows or Linux as the display controller.
In addition to the software, we also provided the hardware for the system. The system is running on a HP DL 380 server with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle® (10g) Express database.
Chisinau Airport serves the capital city of Moldova and the surrounding region. The terminal, built in 1970 and upgraded in 2000, is designed to handle 1.2 million passengers per year. In addition to the 806,691 passengers, Chisinau is currently processing 12,355 flight movements and 2021 tonnes of cargo per year.